Yafit was born in Los Angeles and raised in Ramat-Hasharon, Israel, since she was two years old. As a daughter of an Israeli filmmaker, who produced two classical comedic Israeli movies, “Charlie Ve'hetzi” and “Hagiga B'Snuker”, Yafit was exposed to the entertainment industry at an early age.

As a little girl, she recalls watching her father's movies and imagining herself as an actress. She started practicing by reciting famous lines from the movies and promised to herself that she will pursue acting professionally one of these days.

At the age of 18, she began to serve in the Israel Defense Force as part of her mandatory service to her country. After two years of service, Yafit decided to move to Los Angeles in 2003 to study acting and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. Shortly after, she was quickly recognized for her talent and was accepted to USC School of Theatre with a full scholarship, and graduated in 2008.

Throughout her time at USC, she acted in a number of productions, such as "The Threepenny Opera", "Ash Girl", "Our Country's Good", "The Vagina Monologues" and "Pentecost”. Yafit found her calling when she wrote and performed two short solo performance pieces, “The Skies of Tel-Aviv” and “I've Gotta Go”, which describe her journey as an Israeli soldier.

Following graduation, Yafit began co-writing her full-length one-woman show, while teaching Hebrew and Judaic Studies through the use of drama and improvisation at Jewish schools in Los Angeles. After a year and a half of intense writing, she finally brought “New Eyes” to life on stage in July 2010, and has been sharing her personal life story ever since.

Yafit has been presenting “New Eyes” for over 7 years with over 500 shows, both public and private, in California and across the US. She hopes to share her story with as many people as she continues to tour “New Eyes” around the world.

To learn more about her work, visit: www.yafitjosephson.com.


-Photography by Peter Randolph