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(OCT 28, 2013- Los Angeles, CA): "I want to tell you again what a wonderful performance you gave on Sunday!  You were so sweet and funny and showed great physical grace and dexterity.  And you were very moving in the loving realization of those characters you created and in the story of your journey to self-worth.  Above all, I thought the nuances, vulnerability and sheer joy of performing you displayed throughout made you so appealing to watch! And I agree with my wife when we met you afterwards when she said you are a beautiful woman! Please keep us informed of your next performances here in LA as we have many friends who I know would love to see you perform."

Apollo Dukakis, Actor

Los Angeles, CA


(SEPT 30, 2013- Rochester NY): "Just had a wonderful 3 days with Yafit Josephson in Rochester NY for her performances of NEW EYES. Audiences were fully entertained and engaged and we had a great post-show chat about the themes of perception, staying true to yourself and respecting those that may be different...and we laughed allot too. I urge you to look into this very unique and special piece that explores the new Jewish stories we need to be telling."

Ralph Meranto

JCC CenterStage Artistic Director at JCC of Greater Rochester NY / (585) 461-2000 ext 1236


(NOV 13, 2012- SCOTTSDALE AZ): "I would like to strongly recommend that you book the play NEW EYES for your JCC. It is a one women play that is performed by Yafit Josephson, an Israeli actress who faced stereotypes, culture clashes and even anti-Israeli biases in her Hollywood acting career. The play is dynamic and funny yet it also tells a compelling personal story that truly inspires love for Israel. Yafit Josephson’s performance highlights all the beautiful elements of Israeli culture while offering a strong voice advocating against anti-Israel biases.

Yafit performed here twice, once for adults and once for teens. The adults were all deeply moved and applauded her performance with a standing ovation. The crowd of 200 teens was so transfixed by her riveting performance they were able to sit still and pay attention for over an hour and a half. She and her crew are very nice, easy going and accommodating. Please feel free to contact me with any question."

Tamar Farber

Former Israel Center Director, Valley of the Sun JCC, Scottsdale AZ / (602) 573-3183


(Feb 5, 2013- LOS ANGELES CA): "I couldn’t be more thrilled to write this letter of recommendation. I would like to take some time to praise the incredible content and qualities of Yafit Josephson and her New Eyes Play.  I first saw the play with my grandparents, parents, and girlfriend.  We all thoroughly enjoyed this captivating one-woman performance, but the true test of merit came with the hours of conversation held after.  Yafit, her wonderful family, and the audience all converged after the show for some schmoozing, intelligent Israel centered dialogue, and the special treat of homemade SHNITZEL!  We carried the conversation all the way home and even in the days following.  New Eyes has a great combination of Yafit’s personal story, the complexity of Israeli life and something lacking in today’s politically correct climate, Israel education.  We often bill Israel advocacy as Israel education, but these are not the same.  New Eyes allows the audience to grapple with the harsh realities that make life in Israel something to truly value, and open the conversation for many of us to voice questions we don’t often have a space to raise.

Yafit has made a tremendous impression on many of our Birthright alumni, and I think she would make an incredibly positive impact on tackling the challenge of engaging in Israel discussions, as well as an amazing collaborator and a superb addition to the New York community."

Michael Gropper

Program Director- Birthright Israel

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles / (323) 761-8186


(OCT 3, 2012- TUCSON AZ): "Tonight my wife and I saw a 1-woman play called 'New Eyes' in Tucson. It was amazing! If I were to write a play with the intention of Israel advocacy, I would include a lot of facts, figures, and narrative. That is exactly what Yafit Josephson did NOT do - instead, she told her story as an Israeli actress living in America. The play did a remarkable job telling her story, and humanizing Israel and Israelis in a way that was universal- much like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", a number of years ago, told the world that Greek culture is just like every culture, and unlike every culture.

The strength was that this show does what normal advocacy channels cannot do, and that is to combine facts and reality with emotion and humanity. For those who are politically inclined against Israel, I see this warming their hearts. For those who love Israel, this play deepens the connection and love. If you have a chance to help bring this show to your campus, please take the opportunity to do so."

Marty Johnston

Communications Specialist at Tucon Jewish Community Center


(NOV 19, 2011- SAN DIEGO CA) "I want to encourage organizations to bring this Los Angeles based actress's show about Israel to your city. Yafit debuted in San Diego for a Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Center Benefit, to a nearly sold out 250 seat theatre. Yafit is an Israeli-American actress performing to sold out shows in LA. The show is a terrific feel good, and poignant look at Israeli culture in America.

It’s funny, its original, and its real. The show is in English - 18 characters that are funny, familiar to all of us – anyone who knows a little something about Israel and Israelis. But, perfect for those who don't know much about it either. Hebrew is sprinkled throughout the production which makes it appealing and authentic.

Yafit shares her struggle with American perceptions of her as an Israeli and through their eyes their views about Israel. She shares how she stands up for herself and for Israel when its hard and why. The show advocates strong love and passion for Israel and the importance of Israeli Identity

The show is great because its entertaining, Yafit is youthful, engaging, American..but also Israeli. It works with all audiences and it is a powerful, “feel good,” but educational, program for youth and adults. She will rock Universities too.

Feel free to contact me with questions. I'm happy to be a reference."

Jennie Starr, Director

Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Center – San Diego, CA – 858-245-9375 


(FEB 10, 2012- LOS ANGELES CA) "This is a must see. You will really like it. I thoroughly enjoyed "New Eyes" and identified with it - for anyone who is bi- or multi-cultural. Excellent perceptions. The juxtapositioning between the Israeli and American culture for someone (Yafit Josephson) born and raised in both. On the larger scale, it is essentially what one confronts when one culture meets another and you are in between, raised in both - grappling with youth, parents and society. Yafit does a Q&A at the end, and her mother is there too - once you see this, you will know what I mean. Next performance is on Sunday March 4th. You must reserve because the play sells out. Lots of fun and thought-provoking at the same time. Yafit captures so much ……! All seat locations are excellent. A nice evening out and worth it." - Michael Farmer


(MAY 10, 2012- PASADENA CA) "We highly recommend this entertaining and enlightening play that made us laugh continually even as it conveyed a serious contemporary message. The star's considerable acting and comedic talents are perfectly showcased in a wide range of hilarious, colorful, and very recognizable characters. Each one serves to demonstrate the critical need for empathy and understanding between diverse cultures in today's  global society. The humorous script not only captures the experience of reconciling Isreali and  American cultural disparities, but deftly portrays a universal theme of human vulnerability in the face of strange new environments. How to maintain personal dignity and integrity while traversing cultural biases that lean toward the absurd (and often rude)? It was a pure joy to watch this talented "ambassador" between two worlds explore her creative options." - Cara & Cathy Lang


"I'm a UCLA Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, best selling author, married to an Israeli woman. I'm typically loath to see one person shows that I fear will be an uninteresting vanity piece. I was throughly delighted and very moved by your presentation. You captured the Israeli personality like no one else I've seen. Moreover, the way in which you seamlessly moved between humor to the more deep seated facets of Israeli life was brilliant. You captured more facets of Israel and its differences with American life than anything I've ever seen or read. You and your co-writer are to be congratulated. And, your acting was simply outstanding. A wonderful evening in the theatre and a must see for every American Jew."
 -Dr. Melvyn Kinder


"I do KNOW how hard and long you have worked for this but believe me every second and step has been paid off (I am a doctor of economics).
 Your work is MORE effective than any lecture, article, book or medium I know. No doubt your work will be a hit and you are on your way to very high. If you do succeed in bringing this to campuses, this will be more than your IDF service. I am forwarding this to all my list. Please consider me a supporter and friend in your IMPORTANT good work." 
-Dr. Mayer Khakshouri


"Your play and your performance/acting was fabulous. I enjoyed every moment and could relate to most of the issues that you brought up and touched upon. Your work would enrich and educate many youth and people in this country and hopefully enable them to figure out the culture differences. I would be very interested to talk to you about bringing the show to our 7th & 8th students and their parents. Go from strength to strength! עשי חיל" -Irit Eliyahu, Judaic Studies Director, Sinai Akiba Academy


"I was honored to attend your opening night performance and to meet you and your parents. Your play has a number of important messages all worthy of a deeper level of discussion.
The issue of being proud of who you are is most significant without others telling you how you should be and what you should be is very important. However, we can see that many American Jews and Israeli Jews don't even know of what they have to be proud.
 What I liked about your play is that you possessed a visceral understanding that what you were being asked to do was simply wrong. More important than the dream of an actor to be featured on stage or on the screen is to know that what you are doing is right for the world and not just right for yourself. Thank you for your creative accomplishment."
 -Dr. Daryl Temkin


"One woman show that reawakens a pride in Israel, not felt in a long time. Yafit Josephson co authored this exploration of her own issues in life that give her a reality check and new self confidence that is infectious and since she is Israeli, also related to Israel. 
You can be one of the first to see this play, held over now for limited performances.
-Lily Steiner


"You are so talented. You are so gifted. We have enjoyed your performance immensely. I also looked at it from a therapeutic point of view (yes I am a therapist). First I commend you for your courage to laugh at what YOU see is your weakness: your nose for example. I think this is the best form of therapy. I will send your flyer to all my friends Jewish and non Jewish. I am sure in no time your next two shows will be filled up.
 Good luck to you. You bring a lot of pride to us Israelis, and to us as Jews. 
All the best." 
-Dr. Dvora Weil


"I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful evening last night. 
I found your show so deeply rooted in our identity as Israeli-Americans, and that what brought the laughter, the tears and the connection to your act.
 You are so graceful in being in touch with the identity issues that many of us encounter as being immigrants. You are brave, smart and talented young woman and I commend you...
I believe you can be a role-model to many young Israelis who live in America and did not find their voice yet...Being truthful to yourself is the gift you have. 
Thanks again, and good luck with the future of your show."
 -Sarit Ofir


"Yafit was fabulous. It was engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking. A must see for every Jewish person in America, and I'm thankful to Hadassah for making my viewing possible!"

"My daughter (age 13), husband, and I enjoyed the production very much. We think it would be an excellent play (and discussion) for teens to see, Jewish and non-Jewish. Thank you for sponsoring the event."

"I wish to see this play on film, DVD, and performed in all colleges... very timely for our young adults."

"Outstanding performance - amazing range of characters with depth and sincerity."

"Would like to see the program replicated in the other areas -- great potential to reach the entire Jewish community."

-Members of Hadassah Southern California


"Yafit........WOW, I am so proud of you. You were brilliant. Being an artist I know how much work goes into a production of that caliber, I was truly impressed. My boyfriend, who happens to be an actor too, kept talking about how you had every thing it takes to be a top notch actor. We could tell how well you were trained, how much passion you have for your craft but more than that, that you have a real, raw talent. I am so glad we had the opportunity to see it and I wish you all the best this weekend."
 -Kimberly Brown


"Yafit Josephson, the one-woman artist in this show is talented, spirited and lovely. The shared writing is compelling. The play is both funny, touching and most profound. This is the 3rd time I've seen this show. Perhaps that will tell you something! I thoroughly and whole-heartedly recommend this. PS- The free parking at the Odyssey is plentiful and excellent." -Anonymous


"Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your performance last evening. Deciding how to view one’s self in a constantly changing world is a tricky task at best…to try and relate that to an audience in an hour or so, in a meaningful way, is truly walking the theatrical tight-rope. Congratulations to you (and Suzanne) on making it all the way across that high wire as well as delighting us with some comical and emotional moves along the way! Best of luck with the rest of the run. Regards."
 -Gary Benson, Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble


"I have been raving about the show to all my friends and acquaintances. 
In addition to this one women play being very entertaining performed by a very talented actress and directed and produced by a diverse cast, it is a wonderful advocacy presentation for Israel." 
-Lea Sasson


"Yafit: I am speechless. And I usually have quite a lot to say. Your performance was incredible. It was moving, it was heartwarming, it was a daring insight into the most personal experiences of your life, the experiences that shaped you into the intellectually beautiful, resilient, dedicated and purposeful individual that you are today. Your dedication is unparalleled and your guts for taking on the task is admirable. The emotion, passion, expression, and detail of every character simply made the show fascinating. Every moment I felt like I was standing before the character you were portraying -- I felt like I was there. I could feel the anxiety on your first day of military service and your certainty and conviction when knowing in your heart that there are lines that your heart simply will not allow your lips to say. I wish you best of luck in all of your endeavors and the continued blessing of accomplishment and success that has blessed you thus far. May your ambition continue to guide your every step." 
-Alon HaCohen


"Wow! What a great performance! This was one of those rare occasions where I enjoyed the show much more than I had anticipated. This one-woman performance, wherein 18 different characters were convincingly embodied, was terrific! The energy and interest levels never lagged for a second. It was unique, creative, funny and touching, and ultimately a meaningful tale of a journey to self-acceptance." -Anonymous


"Acting and character playing was excellent. A most entertaining and candid portrayal of Israel and the morality of its people, Hollywood, and mother daughter love and respect. Strongly recommend." -S.K.


"New Eyes, a fresh & thought - provoking one woman show! Yafit delivers an excellent performance through her own eyes and with passion, which makes the show unique! From the Jewish Mother, to the Hollywood Film Set to the Israeli Nightclub, you will laugh, be emotional and better understand what the Jewish people and Israel are all about! Who else can portray over 18 characters from over five countries in 80 minutes? Yafit delivers the right message to the world in a fun way. I strongly recommend everyone to see it! I've seen it 3 times and will definitly come back!"- Benjamin Taper 


"A talented and perceptive performer, Yafit really brings her various characters to life and shines a light on her own life in the most entertaining way. To anyone who knows and cares about Israelis and Americans, this is a MUST see."-Anonymous


"This is a fabulous one-woman show. Ms. Josephson is exceptionally talented and deserves all the praise and attention she is getting for this moving play. It was perfect in every way." -Anonymous


(OCT 30, 2011- ANAHEIM CA) "I would like to express the great joy and pride I experienced today (Oct. 30, 2011) while seeing the great performance of Yafit at her one woman's show New Eyes. I am proud to be an Israeli, thanks to Yafit. She managed to portray Israel and its people in the most honest, straight forward, funny and sad, comic yet touching way. She is the best ambassador a country can have and Israel has Yafit as hers." -Liora Cohen